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a bunch of old boys living their best lives ...

I first heard about Walking Football in 2015, intrigued - I contacted Soca Seniors: arriving for my 1st session somewhat excited and a tad nervous, having not kicked a ball since I gave up coaching youth teams some 7 years previously.

The welcome was wonderful, the joy immense, I knew driving home that at the age of 56 that I'd found something very addictive. Its not just kicking a ball, its being part of a team, competing & playing whilst having a laugh on and off the pitch!

It was so addictive that I was soon playing for 2 clubs, Soca Seniors & Norwich City where I played for 4 years, for a short while playing for 3 with Horsford FC added to the list.

If you're considering giving it a go? Please do!

I've played in Spain & France ... the French trips are wonderful, a bunch of Soca Senior players sharing a chateau for 4 to 5 days whilst taking part in a local tournament.

Walking Football is life changing ... a number of Soca Senior players have worn the England Walking Football Community shirts playing in the first World Cup +/or against the Winners Wales in Wales winning 2-1 in the over 60's squad - these include Mark Reeves, Stephen Moy, Ray DeKeyzer, Mick Ottolangui, Derek Davies & myself. These ere real pinch yourself moments.

As I write our over 70's squad have won the Walking Football Associations National Cup with quite a few of the squad making the final trials for the IWFF squad.

Stay safe ...

Gary Cockaday

Our over 70's team ... we're very proud of these guys

We need a new club photo but this gives you an idea ... currently 79 registered members

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