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The very first team to represent Norwich City Walking Football ...

by Alan Gee

I joined a small group of guys playing Walking Football at the UEA in Norwich in 2014.

It was a group back then, not a club, playing football for fun.

It was run by Alex Squires who would later start a new group for CSF Norwich to play as Norwich City Walking Football.

We then started playing with a bunch of like minded guys playing at the FDC - now our home. All of us living the dream, playing football again.

The game was growing quickly, NCFC approached Alex to raise a team in 2015 to compete as NCFC in a National Tournament to be played at St Georges in July.

The EDP covered the event (see image) it was a marvellous day out for all concerned, a day to be proud off.

NCFC now compete in 2 age groups the over 50' and over 60's whilst we compete in both those and the over 65's and 70's - we've come a long way since those early days.

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